Management Principles

We are innovative development capabilities. With a smaller number of highly efficient staff, we will achieve higher profits and higher wages.
  • Company Policy 
"Quality is our life" To produce high quality products, we will continuously install new machine and implement new technologies Take care environmental and occupational health and seafty.
  • Quality Policy
We are strive to control our products for the highest quality products continuously to deliver to the customer.
  • Environmental Policy 
"Environment is clean. The first thing is our goal "to help society. By the manufacturer plastic parts.The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly as our environmental policy.

1. We will comply with the requirements of environmental laws and regulations related to the company strictly.
2. Responsibility to improve the environmental management system. Pollution and protect continuously.
3. Promote energy efficiency in business operations. By reducing the use of energy, water and other resources.
4. Meet the needs of customers. To ban the use of hazardous substances.